►October 30-31 /1 Nov
"Complexity Logic" - View-shift process for dissolving static perspectives of the human body
Francesca and Nuvola

►November 30/ December 5
"Walk-through of the Axis Syllabus archive" -  dynamic organization for information and tools

supporting tutorial introduction to the Human Movement Alphabet - creation/documentation/notation/diagnosis
Teachers: Frey, Francesca, Barış



►March 23-27th
"Spines supports spheres" - fundamental keystone locomotion concepts



►April 22-26
Axis Syllabus Teacher's Laboratory 
"We are all teaching all the time"
Teachers: Francesca, Frey, Barış

►May 21 -26
"The Articular Fusion" - joint mechanics - details and function of major articular structures


►June 21-26
AS intensive
"Learning by heart" - process, translation and integration of information
Kerwin Barrington and resident Axis Syllabus teachers

►July 16-17 
AS intensive
"Time out" - review/vision of movement ideas and trainings

19-23 morning training - how to keep it

►September 9-14 
Environmental frequencies - creative lab and shoe making
Francesca, Frey, Barış

photo: Barbara Cali